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Children and teens with dysfunctional voiding problems can be helped with


Taking Interest in Many Events.


Diagnosing the contributing factors to behavior, and then modifying that behavior, requires consultation, analysis, testing and time.



First - A complete patient history is compiled to look for medical, familial, behavioral, emotional and environmental factors that may be influencing the problem.  A complete genitourinary, non-invasive physical examination is included.




Next - When necessary, individualized testing may be needed to determine bladder and sphincter function to help focus the diagnosis of the disorder.


Then - Meeting for consultation with the Continence Clinic Staff will help outline the pattern required for altering the behavior.


In The End - The patient and his/her family need time to implement and reinforce the tools and behavioral patterns that the patient will eventually bring into practice. Throughout the entire process some of these tools and techniques are:


Voiding and Elimination Diary

Urodynamic Studies

Biofeedback/Bladder and Bowel Retraining

Bedwetting Alarms

Incontinence/Accident Log



Voiding dysfunction refers to urinary symptoms that disrupt the quality of life for a child or adolescent. Examples of symptoms are: daytime wetting; bed wetting; urinary tract infections; frequent running to the bathroom; infrequent going to the bathroom; soiling with poop; wetting with giggles, coughing or running. These symptoms affect everyone coming into contact with the children and certainly wreak havoc on the self-esteem of the child.


Voiding dysfunction in children is a common disease. It is estimated that one (1) out of six (6) kindergarten age children suffers with this condition. It is often worrisome, frustrating, annoying and embarrassing.


The cause for dysfunctional voiding is varied. While it can be considered a common event, its reason for happening is as singular as the individuality of each and every child.


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